Changes to the Faculty Video Collection

VHS image

The Bentley Library is in the process of removing all VHS tapes from its Faculty Video Collection.  This decision was made due to the fact that Bentley no longer has VHS players as part of its classroom technology infrastructure, and many of the VHS tapes have started to degrade and will eventually become unwatchable.

We will be replacing with DVDs or streaming video those films that have been checked out or placed on reserve recently or have lasting educational and artistic value. The remaining VHS titles will be discarded and the tapes recycled.

A significant number of the films formerly on VHS are now available through our Films on Demand collection.

This process will be completed by the end of this calendar year.

Blu-ray Comes to the Bentley Library

Blu-ray imageDark Knight Blu-ray

Do you prefer your movies in lush, exquisite high-definition? If so, the Bentley Library has the answer for you! We now have over 50 Blu-ray titles in our Popular DVD collection.  The list of movies in Blu-ray now in the library’s collection includes the following:

  • The entire Harry Potter film series
  • The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the first 2 films in The Hobbit series
  • The Godfather trilogy
  • A number of Pixar films such as Finding Nemo and Frozen
  • The Christopher Nolan directed Batman series
  • Gravity

Here is the complete list of titles in Blu-ray, or view the library’s Blu-ray Movies Pinterest board.

The recently purchased Blu-rays are intended as a pilot program to gauge the level of interest in this format here at Bentley.  We’ll purchase additional titles in the Blu-ray format if these titles prove to be popular among the Bentley community.


So, what’s on TV tonight? Re-runs of shows you’ve already watched? The latest entry in the string of reality cupcake shows? You can do better than that!  We have some great TV shows on DVD to get you through the summer TV doldrums.

Perhaps there are shows you’ve wanted to watch but they air on a channel you don’t subscribe to, like HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, Showtime’s Dexter and AMC’s Breaking Bad.  Or maybe there is a show that you’ve been hearing everyone talk about, but since you missed the first couple of seasons (30 Rock), or even the entire run of the series (The Sopranos), you thought it was too late. It’s never too late…

We’ve placed some of our favorite TV series on display in the DVD area, and can direct you to many others that are tucked away on the shelves.  There are dozens of shows to choose from, both old and new. Stop by and take a look, or view a list online:

TV on DVD by Title | TV on DVD by Date


Hold that DVD!

Have you been anxiously checking our shelves for the latest season of Dexter or Mad Men every time you visit the library? Current Bentley University students, faculty and staff may now place holds on DVDs from both our Popular Video (popular/award-winning films and TV shows) and Faculty Video (non-feature films/course material) collections!

You may place holds on DVDs yourself, using our online catalog. When you find a DVD that you want to borrow, click on the “Requests” button and follow the prompts to log-in to “My Library Account.” You will receive an email notification from the Library Services desk when the DVD is ready to check out.

Some guidelines on our new service:

  • Popular DVD requests must be picked up within three days.
  • Faculty DVD requests must be picked up within one week.
  • DVDs cannot be renewed.
  • The loan period for Popular DVDs is one week.
  • The loan period for Faculty DVDs is three days.
  • Holds cannot be places on Course Reserve materials.

Have any questions? Feel free to contact the Library Services staff! Looking for a new movie or television series to check out? Browse our list of recent DVD acquisitions.

Get Ready for the Oscars…2010 Nominees & Past Winners Are Here

Oscar Night is almost upon us!  Will you one of the millions tuning in to watch Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin host the 82nd Annual Academy Awards on Sunday, March 7, 2010?  Let the Bentley Library help you prepare…

Several of this year’s nominated films won’t be released on DVD until later this month, but the Bentley Library does have a few of the nominees available now to help you prepare for the big show (see list below).   Of course, we also have an amazing selection of previous year’s Oscar nominees and winners on DVD to help satisfy your Oscar fever.  Search for movies by title, actor, or director using the special DVD search in the library catalog, or stop by to browse the shelves.

2010 Nominees Currently Available at the Bentley Library