So, what’s on TV tonight? Re-runs of shows you’ve already watched? The latest entry in the string of reality cupcake shows? You can do better than that!  We have some great TV shows on DVD to get you through the summer TV doldrums.

Perhaps there are shows you’ve wanted to watch but they air on a channel you don’t subscribe to, like HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, Showtime’s Dexter and AMC’s Breaking Bad.  Or maybe there is a show that you’ve been hearing everyone talk about, but since you missed the first couple of seasons (30 Rock), or even the entire run of the series (The Sopranos), you thought it was too late. It’s never too late…

We’ve placed some of our favorite TV series on display in the DVD area, and can direct you to many others that are tucked away on the shelves.  There are dozens of shows to choose from, both old and new. Stop by and take a look, or view a list online:

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