5 New Things at the Library

Welcome back from spring break! As you settle back into the routine of classes, campus activities and studying, we would like to draw your attention to five new technology, equipment and website additions at the library. We want to make your library experiences – from charging your smartphone to identifying the location of a book in the stacks – a little bit easier.

Many of these items were implemented in response to feedback received during 14 Days to Have Your Say!, but we welcome suggestions at any time. Email library@bentley.edu or use the Contact Us form to tell us how we can improve the library.

1. USB charging outlets have been installed in the atrium outside the art gallery.


2. StackMap has been integrated with Encore (classic catalog integration is coming soon). Click the “Map It!” button to pinpoint the exact physical location of books, DVDs, audiobooks and periodicals in the library.


3. A second Bookeye book scanner has been installed in the upper level print room.


4. Blu-ray DVDs are being purchased for the popular DVD collection and two Blu-ray players have been installed in the Video Preview room.


5. A third water bottle filling station has been installed on the lower level.


We hope you enjoy the new additions. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help or have any questions.

Blu-ray Comes to the Bentley Library

Blu-ray imageDark Knight Blu-ray

Do you prefer your movies in lush, exquisite high-definition? If so, the Bentley Library has the answer for you! We now have over 50 Blu-ray titles in our Popular DVD collection.  The list of movies in Blu-ray now in the library’s collection includes the following:

  • The entire Harry Potter film series
  • The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the first 2 films in The Hobbit series
  • The Godfather trilogy
  • A number of Pixar films such as Finding Nemo and Frozen
  • The Christopher Nolan directed Batman series
  • Gravity

Here is the complete list of titles in Blu-ray, or view the library’s Blu-ray Movies Pinterest board.

The recently purchased Blu-rays are intended as a pilot program to gauge the level of interest in this format here at Bentley.  We’ll purchase additional titles in the Blu-ray format if these titles prove to be popular among the Bentley community.