Our Turn: Bentley Library Responds to 14 Days to Have Your Say!

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The staff of the Bentley Library thanks everyone who submitted comments and suggestions during the most recent installment of the 14 Days to Have Your Say! blog (October 29 – November 11, 2014).

During the 14 Days period, library staff refrained from commenting in order to encourage a free and open discussion, but rest assured, every post and comment has been examined. Now it is our turn to respond to the issues that arose most frequently and to highlight the solutions that will be implemented in the coming months. If you have questions about anything you see (or don’t see) here, don’t hesitate to contact us at library@bentley.edu.

Please use the links in the right sidebar to view our responses by category, or click here for the full document.

We’re still listening!  We’d like to remind you that you don’t have to wait for the next 14 Days to Have Your Say! blog to voice your opinion or make a recommendation. Contact us at library@bentley.edu or use the Contact Us link on the library’s website to send us your feedback anytime.

Thank you for participating!

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Thank you to the Bentley community for contributing so many thoughtful comments and suggestions to the 14 Days to Have Your Say! blog. Between October 29th and November 11th we recorded 4,728 blog views and logged ­­­113 posts and 73 comments. You gave us much to consider, and in the coming weeks we will be reviewing what everyone had to say. Stay tuned…the library will post a response here as soon as we can.

The blog is now closed, but you can send your comments, suggestions and feedback to the Bentley Library at library@bentley.edu. Thank you!

Einstein’s Cafe

November 11, 2014 by 14Days Guest · Comments Off on Einstein’s Cafe 
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I don’t think that Einstein’s adequately meet the needs of Bentley students. As a campus that prides itself in having an exceptionally productive environment for studying, the fact that Einstein’s is the only option for any food/beverage or snack after 7pm on weekdays is truly unfortunate. Part of what makes an exceptional work environment are the resources that supplement healthy lifestyles and focused individuals.I’d really like to see the cafe situation in the library see some change. Not only would it improve the environment for students on a daily basis, but it would show prospective students on tours that Bentley has a vested interest in providing it’s students with good choices.

Weekend Hours

November 11, 2014 by 14Days Guest · Comments Off on Weekend Hours 
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It seems really strange that the library closes so early on Fridays and Saturdays, and opens so late on weekends (especially Sundays). It’s a bit stereotypical to assume we’re all partying all weekend. Though there are times when it wouldn’t be used, once midterms hit people need the study space through the end of the year, and studying in a room with a party going on just isn’t an option. I understand not keeping it open past 2am, but 6pm is crazy-early. At least 10pm on weekends and open by 8 or 9.

I do like the idea of just keeping one floor open, as well. Very few students need to take out books, and if it’s heavily advertised that the upper and lower floors will be closed at 6pm people can take out their books in advance and do their color printing. It’s just needing that quiet, studious space!

Relaxation Room

November 11, 2014 by 14Days Guest · Comments Off on Relaxation Room 
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Kind of goes along with my coffee and tea station idea, but I think the Art Gallery could be better utilized by turning it into a relaxation room. You can play soft, calming music, make it a bit warmer, have flowers in there, water, coffee, tea, maybe healthy snacks, meditation podcasts on iPods (locked down somehow… haha), the warm cushions you can put around your neck, the massage thing for your feet, comfy chairs, the current art, etc. It would de-stress people and give more publicity to the art. It’s such a great space but is SOO unused. You could get ideas from what the Sacred Space does during finals week!

Coffee and Tea Station

November 11, 2014 by 14Days Guest · Comments Off on Coffee and Tea Station 
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It would be awesome to have a Keurig and hot water station with non-refrigerated creamers, sugar, cups, etc. You could keep K-cups and tea bags at the desk and charge $0.50–$1 to check out. Could be a quick option for those who hate Einstein’s/the line, but want higher quality than the pre-made coffee vending machine (which seems a bit too artificial in my mind…) Also, people could bring their own K-cups and tea bags to make some for themselves and save us all a bit of money! A table could easily be put under the reservation room TV on the main level, in between the circulation desks, where there’s a ton of free space and where few people walk.

And during finals week, you could add healthy snacks there like they do in Seasons!

Study Room Reservation

November 11, 2014 by 14Days Guest · Comments Off on Study Room Reservation 
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You can reserve a room on a :15 or :45, but only book in 30-minute increments, meaning there are oftentimes when there is a 15-minute gap that we lose. Happened to me the other day and someone manually booked this last 15-minutes and I had to finish my meeting outside. Seems like an easy enough fix for an annoying problem.

Also, more details on the study rooms is necessary. Whether that means clicking the room number in the reservation system and seeing a picture or just details such as size and number of chairs. Some of the rooms are simply too small for specific meeting requirements.


Dim lighting

November 11, 2014 by 14Days Guest · Comments Off on Dim lighting 
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When it comes to evenings, the areas close to windows in the second floor, are pretty dark. I can see the lights only come from one side of the area, leading to inadequate light for the other side. Dim lighting apparently lowers the work productivities. Hope it can be fixed. Thank you!

Einstein’s Traffic

November 11, 2014 by 14Days Guest · Comments Off on Einstein’s Traffic 
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It’s absolutely ridiculous that there’s still such an issue of traffic flow in Einstein’s. It makes us look unprofessional for tours and makes students late to class. In an IDCC class TWO years ago with the director of the library we came up with MANY solutions, including many low-cost options. This needs to be implemented — simply moving the counter to the wall near the bathrooms, etc., would make a huge difference. Also, it needs to have a sign saying where those waiting for their food should stand.

Room in General

November 11, 2014 by 14Days Guest · Comments Off on Room in General 
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If certain areas of the library got moved around even squished a little, it would make much more room for people to sit and get work done. As a university I think it is within reason that more of our schools population should be able to fit in the library. We all need to study, and during midterms and finals it makes our stress levels increase 200% when we cannot find an area to study in.

Collection Development

November 11, 2014 by 14Days Guest · Comments Off on Collection Development 
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One of the best and most distinctive features about Bentley is our commitment to the Fusion Model of business education. Humanities and Social Sciences get more attention here than at other business schools. The result: our grads have a more well-rounded education that literally “pays off” in their careers, even if it’s not direct or obviously related to maximizing profits or incomes. The library helps considerably to advance this goal with solid collections in sociology, politics, history, etc. But collection development in those areas seems to emphasize quality over quantity: holdings are strong but rather small. Of course the two are not mutually exclusive, so more can be done, particularly in partnership with faculty.

Our professional librarians with expertise in the subjects they’re responsible for can partner with professors, who should regularly recommend titles suitable for undergrad and graduate-level research. This could also help profs with their own research, though loading up on specialized but limited and expensive monographs may not be the best use of finite acquisition budgets. This initiative should not be limited to Hum and Soc Sci faculty; business faculty can effectively assist in this endeavor too. I am pleased to report that our librarians are very receptive to suggested purchases, and support staff are adept at making them available once they’ve arrived. I’m old-school enough to prefer printed books, but e-books have value too. In sum, collection development is an integral part of the Fusion Model, and broadening it will help make Bentley even more distinctive and competitive than it is already.

Reference: G Hardy & D Everett eds, Shaping the Future of Business Education (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013)

Library hours

November 11, 2014 by 14Days Guest · Comments Off on Library hours 
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I know it would be bad for those who work there but the library should be open later than 2am. Since announcements start around one it’s pretty much like that hour doesn’t exist. It would be a lot better for those who stay up late

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