Database of the Month: IBISWorld Industry Research

The IBISWorld Industry Research database has been a vital resource here at the Bentley Library for several years. For those of you who may not be familiar, here’s what you need to know about IBISWorld:

Report Types:

  • IBISWorld provides U.S. Industry Reports for 700+ industries.
  • Users can also find hundreds of U.S. Specialized Industry Reports for niche and emerging markets. Examples of specialized reports include Car Sharing Providers, Craft Beer Production, and Fantasy Sports Services.
  • The database includes access to 75 Global Industry Reports, which focus on industry performance in key regions like Europe, Asia, the Middle East and more.
  • Supplementary Brexit Impact Statements are available for all U.K. industries. These updates provide a briefing on the rapidly changing U.K. economy and the short-term threats, opportunities, and developments affecting each industry.

Report Contents:

  • Each industry report is approximately 30-40 pages in length and is updated regularly (up to 3 times per year), ensuring that they reflect the current state of an industry.
  • Reports contain trends, statistics, and analysis on industry performance, products and markets, the competitive landscape, major competitors in the industry, and operating conditions.
  • Each report examines details such as supply chain linkages, demand determinants, cost structure benchmarks, basis of competition, barriers to entry, capital intensity, revenue volatility, and regulations and policies.
  • Key statistics include industry data and financial ratios.
  • 5-year forecasts for each industry.
Each IBISWorld industry report includes 9 chapters, and 34 sub-chapters of industry insights, analysis, and data.

Connect to IBISWorld

Please visit our Databases A-Z page and select IBISWorld Industries and Markets to begin your search.


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