Database of the Month: Mintel Oxygen

If you are looking for information about consumer markets, products, and brands, Mintel Oxygen should be the first database you visit.  Covering the US, UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Spain, Mintel’s research reports are one-stop shopping for consumer market intelligence, data, analysis and news.

Whether you are researching fast food or footwear, mobile phones or online shopping, green marketing or green living, Mintel has it covered.  Mintel publishes over 600 market research and consumer lifestyle reports each year in the following categories:

♦ Beauty & Personal Care ♦ Drink ♦ Finance
♦ Food ♦ Foodservice ♦ Health & Wellbeing
♦ Household ♦ Lifestyles ♦ Retailing & Apparel
♦ Technology ♦ Travel

Each report provides primary consumer research – unraveling key trends, behavior, and attitudes.  Researchers looking for demographic and psychographic information will strike gold with Mintel.  Reports also include valuable market data such as market size and forecast, market drivers, segment performance, brand share, and retail channel data.  To top it all off, you’ll find information on new products, product innovations and marketing strategies.

Create a Mintel Account:

To use the Mintel Oxygen database you must register for an account using a Bentley email address.  At the Mintel Oxygen log-in page, first-time users should click on [Create a Personal Profile].  Complete the registration form using your Bentley email address.

Learn More:

Please visit Mintel Oxygen to explore this valuable database further.  For help, check out Mintel’s Quick Start Guide.  Visit our Databases page to view a complete list of our resources.


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