Dedications in Appreciation to Our Graduating Student Assistants

It’s no secret that the Bentley Library couldn’t run without the hard work and dedication of our student assistants. They help us keep the doors open 110 hours a week (plus many extra late-night hours during finals), they are the front line of support at the Library Services Desk, they help the Technical Services Department process every item that goes on our shelves, and in Interlibrary Loan they facilitate borrowing from and lending to other libraries around the world.

It is library tradition to say thank you to our graduating student assistants with a book or film dedication. We invite them to choose an item from the library’s collection, which is then affixed with a bookplate in their name. This year, dedications have been made on behalf of these Class of 2016 graduates:

Books and films chosen by the library’s graduating student assistants.

Mike Brooks

Pat Brooks

Ashley Federico

Kathryn Foley

Carla Francis

Daniel Gomez

Connie Giordano

Emma Grimes

Robert Harris

Jason Martinez

Zach Pereira

Mitchell Reynolds

You can view a display of their selections in the Popular Reading area of the library and on our Student Employee Dedications Pinterest board.

Congratulations and best wishes to our seniors, and thank you to all of our student employees for their assistance this year.