Databases to Get You Through the Paywall

As you may have heard, the New York Times paywall goes into effect today.  Visitors to the website will be allowed to read only 20 articles per month for free.  Additionally, readers who access articles through links from social media sites will be able to read those articles, even if they have reached their monthly reading limit.  (There may be some daily limitations for articles accessed via search engine links.)  Read the publisher’s A Letter to Our Readers About Digital Subscriptions to get the full scoop.

While casual readers of the New York Times may not run up against the paywall, regular readers may be impacted. Therefore, we’re happy to remind you that the Bentley Library has same-day, full-text access to articles from the New York Times via two of our databases: Factiva and ProQuest.

Users of the databases will notice that our subscription access to the full-text does not replicate the layout of either the website or the print newspaper, nor does it include images.  However, the article text is provided in its entirety.  Also, the library continues to get delivery of the print New York Times newspaper should you want to read it in its original format.

We encourage you to contact the Reference Desk if you have any questions about accessing the New York Times via Factiva and ProQuest.