On Display: Books That Will Make You LOL

A quick giggle.

A soft chuckle.

A hearty laugh that erupts into a surprising snort.

Stifling a laugh because you are in public, causing your whole body to shake uncontrollably.

Laughing so hard you can hardly catch your breath. Laughing so hard you cry. Laughing so hard you wet your pants.

Whatever form it takes, we feel better after a laugh (well, unless you have soggy pants)! The goal of this book display is to lighten the mood. We want you to find a book that pushes the stress and frustration of the outside world away. A book that makes you feel good.

Recognizing that what’s funny to one is not funny to another, there’s a wide variety of humorous fiction and non-fiction titles included in this display. You’ll find lighthearted, silly, absurd, witty, surreal, satirical, sarcastic, observational, and dark comedy in these pages. No matter what your sense of humor, you should discover a book or an author that will make you LOL.

If we’ve overlooked one of your favorite funny books let us know in the comments or send your recommendations to refdesk@bentley.edu.