Stock your iPad, Kindle & other mobile devices with OverDrive eBooks

Did you know that we now offer more than 1,200 downloadable eBooks and audiobooks via OverDrive?  The Bentley Library’s OverDrive collection includes fiction and nonfiction bestsellers, award winners, classics and perennial favorites. Current Bentley students, faculty and staff can borrow eBooks and audiobooks from OverDrive at using a Bentley email address and password.   New titles are added monthly, so check back often.

OverDrive eBooks and audiobooks can be enjoyed on all major computers and mobile devices, including iPhone®, iPad®, NOOK®, Android™ phones and tablets, and Kindle®. Many eBooks can be also read immediately (no download required) on any device with an internet browser. Bentley users may checkout up to five OverDrive titles at a time for a borrowing period of 21 days. Titles will automatically expire at the end of the lending period, so there are no late fees! If you are new to OverDrive, check out their Getting Started page for information and assistance. Enjoy!


A New Way to Search, Find & Access OverDrive Downloadable Books

At the Bentley Library, we offer a lot of resources for study and coursework, but we also think that there’s a place for recreational reading in an academic library. You think so too, judging from checkout rates of our Popular Reading and audiobook collections.

Last year, we debuted OverDrive Downloadable Books, a collection of fiction and nonfiction electronic books and audiobooks for users who use mobile devices and computers. Initially, searching and browsing these books was limited to the website from which they are downloaded. Now, our entire OverDrive collection of e-books and e-audiobooks (currently 347 e-books and 237 e-audiobooks, but growing all the time!) is also searchable in both versions of our library catalog! We’ve made searching for and downloading these titles easy, whether you enter a search by using the single search box on our homepage or by using the Classic Catalog link under that box.

Once a search is entered, the search result display clearly indicates whether the title is an e-book or an e-audiobook. The records feature a direct link (via a Bentley login page) to the item in OverDrive Downloadable Books. Most records also contain a link to an excerpt of the e-book/e-audiobook, allowing for “test driving” before starting the checkout process.

In the single search box display, you can access those links from the search results page, as below, or from the individual e-book/e-audiobook page that displays when you click on the title link.

Click to View Larger Image - Encore OverDrive Screenshot
The Age of Innocence is available to download as an e-book or an e-audiobook via OverDrive.

In the Classic catalog, only the direct link to the e-book/e-audiobook, titled Access this Resource, appears on the search page, as below; both the search and the excerpt links appear on the individual e-book/e-audiobook page that displays when you click on the title link.

Click to View Larger Image - Classic Catalog Overdrive Screenshot
The e-book version of The Age of Innocence as it appears in our classic catalog.

If you would prefer to use the catalog to browse the collection, you can easily see a list of the entire OverDrive collection in either catalog version. Using the single search box, type “overdrive” in the box, then on the left side of the page, click “OverDrive” under the Location heading. Or, in the Classic catalog, click the Advanced Search link. Choose “OverDrive” as the location, and type an asterisk (*) in the first search box.

If you’d prefer to continue searching/browsing directly at the OverDrive web page, links to OverDrive Downloadable Books are still available on the Library’s home page in the Quick Links section, the Research dropdown menu under Search >> ebooks, and the Databases A-Z list.

We are really excited to help you add to your reading list via the library catalog. If there is something you’d like to see added to the collection, let us know by clicking the Suggest a Purchase link on our home page. Happy reading and listening!

Database(s) of the Month: Ebooks at the Bentley Library

Historically, databases of electronic books have often been limited to on-screen viewing and limited printing. Now, with easier availability to affordable personal devices that allow you to read on the go, downloadable books have gained in popularity. The Bentley Library provides both types of ebook databases. Whether you are downloading the latest fiction and nonfiction to take to the beach, studying for licensing or other examinations, or researching and writing a paper, we have a database for that!

Overdrive Downloadable BooksOverdrive Downloadable Books

What’s included? Over 500 eBooks and audiobooks with an emphasis on classic and popular fiction and nonfiction, but including some research materials. New materials are added on an ongoing basis; suggestions for new materials are welcomed at our Suggest a Purchase page.

Is it downloadable? Every book and audiobook in this collection may be downloaded to some combination of computers, tablets, e-readers, smartphones, mp3 players and iPods. Available formats include Kindle, ePub, and PDF for ebooks, and mp3 and WMA for audiobooks. Not all formats are available for all titles.

How does it work? Browse by category, or search the database by keyword, title, author/creator, subject, and more. Then, follow the download instructions provided on the title’s information page.

How to gain access? Direct access is via Overdrive Downloadable Books. A Bentley username and password is required to use the database both on- and off-campus.  In addition, depending on your desired format and device, you may need to download additional software. More information is available in the Getting Started area on the Overdrive home page.

Books 24×7Books 24x7

What’s included?  Books on business, finance, information technology, health and wellness, and productivity. Also included: study guides for exams such as the CFA, and software manuals for business and statistics applications such as SAS and SPSS.

Is it downloadable? Books in this database are presented in electronic format, but must be read on a computer screen.

How does it work? This database is searchable by title, author, keyword, publisher and more, and browsable by broad topic areas such as Business, Finance, IT/Technical and Well-Being. Clicking on a title displays a linked Table of Contents, from which you can navigate the book’s content. If you conducted a keyword search, your search terms appear in the Top Section Hits area.

How to gain access? Direct access is via (Business & IT Books). A Bentley username and password is required to use the database both on- and off-campus.

EBSCO EbooksEBSCO Ebooks

What’s included?  Nearly 8000 electronic books are included in this general-interest collection. Both scholarly and popular titles are available.

Is it downloadable? The full PDF text of all books in this database may be viewed on-screen. Printing and/or emailing documents is possible, but is limited.

How does it work? Using the EBSCO search interface, browse by category, or search the database by keyword, title, author, subject, and more. Click the link titled eBook Full Text to view the content, then navigate using the linked Table of Contents, or jump to desired sections using the search box.

How to gain access? Direct access is via EBSCO eBooks. A Bentley username and password is required to use the database off-campus.

Safari Tech Books (ProQuest)Safari Tech Books

What’s included? 150 books from the O’Reilly publishing series, focused on technology, digital media, and desktop and Web applications. Sample titles include Designing Social Interfaces, Javascript: the Definitive Guide and Analyzing Business Data with Excel.

Is it downloadable? Books in this database are presented in electronic format, and can be read on the computer screen in HTML or in the Safari Books Viewer. Books can be printed two ways: by chapter in HTML format, or by page in the Safari Books Viewer format. Users may also email a link to the book for later viewing.

How does it work? Search this database by author, subject, or software vendor, or browse by category or software vendor. Once you’ve chosen a book, you can search within the book, or read it via the links provided in the Table of Contents.

How to gain access? Direct access is via Safari Books – Tech Books Database. Off-campus, a Bentley username and password is required to use the database.

In addition to the direct links above, all of these databases may be found at the Databases A-Z page on the Library’s website. If you would like assistance with searching and/or downloading material, please contact us. Happy reading and researching!


Database of the Month provides a very brief introduction to an important research database, highlighting key features of the database that you should know about. If you would like more information about this database (or any of the library’s databases) please contact the Reference Desk.  If you would like a demonstration of this database for a class, please contact our Coordinator of User Education, Elizabeth Galoozis.

Downloadable Books Drop-in Clinic

It’s been a couple of weeks since the launch of the library’s downloadable books service and we’re very happy to have received such a positive response. We’ve already added over 150 new ebook and audiobook titles to our collection to meet your demand, and we’ll continue to add new books every month.

If you haven’t already set-up your laptop, Kindle, iPad, smartphone or other device, we’d love to help you get up and running now so that you can enjoy downloading books this summer – whether you’re at home, work or the beach! We are holding two drop-in sessions this week to answer questions about the service:

Downloadable Books Clinic
Bentley Library, Research Instruction Center (room 11)

 Wednesday, May 2
12:00PM – 2:00PM


Thursday, May 3
4:00PM – 6:00PM

 No RSVP is required – just drop in to our classroom (room 11) and we’ll be there to lend you a helping hand! If you bring your device with you we can help you with the initial set-up or troubleshoot any problems you’ve been having. We hope to see you there.

Desserts and Downloads!

To kick-off our new new downloadable eBook and audiobook service we are hosting

Desserts and Downloads
Wednesday, April 11
noon to 5:00PM
Library Executive Conference Room (room 101)

All current students, faculty and staff are invited to stop by to learn more about downloadable books.  If you bring your laptop and/or mobile device we will be able assist you with searching and downloading. Desserts and coffee will be provided!

Can’t wait to get started? Read more about this new service in the blog post below. Or, go directly to the library’s downloadable books site, powered by OverDrive, at

We Have eBooks & Audiobooks for Your iPad, Kindle, NOOK & Other Mobile Devices

We are very excited to announce that current students, faculty and staff can now download eBooks and audiobooks from the library’s website  After logging-in with your Bentley username and password, you can browse the collection and download to PC, Mac, and many mobile devices. Our collection is a mix of best-sellers, academic titles and classics.  This new service, powered by OverDrive, is free to all current Bentley students, faculty and staff.

To kick-off this exciting new service we are hosting Desserts and Downloads on Wednesday, April 11, from noon to 5:00pm, in the library’s Executive Conference Room (room 101). 

You are invited to stop by to learn more about downloadable books.  If you bring your laptop and/or mobile device we will be able assist you with searching and downloading. Desserts and coffee will be provided to enhance the user experience!

For those of you who are feeling adventurous and would like to get started now, here’s what you need to know about the OverDrive downloadable book service:

  • Log-in with your Bentley username and password, browse the collection, check out items, and download to PC, Mac®, and many mobile devices.
  • To get started, you will need to install free software. For audiobooks: OverDrive® Media Console™. To read eBooks, you’ll need Adobe® Digital Editions. To transfer books to other devices you need to register for an Adobe ID.
  • Downloaded books can be enjoyed immediately or transferred to a variety of devices, including the NOOK, Sony Reader, iPod, and many others. Some audio titles can also be burned to CD.
  • Kindle users with a Wi-Fi connection can download most books directly to their Kindle device.
  • Mobile apps for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone/iPad/ iPod touch and Windows Phone 7 allow users to  wirelessly download eBooks and audiobooks directly to those mobile devices.
  • Titles will automatically expire at the end of the lending period. There are no late fees!

Don’t forget to drop-in to Desserts and Downloads on Wednesday, April 11, between noon and 5:00pm.  You can also contact the Reference Desk with any questions or for assistance. Happy downloading!