Now Showing: Bentley Centennial Exhibit, “Bentley Leaders”

The Bentley Library is proud to host Bentley Leaders, the first of three Centennial year exhibits profiling the history of Bentley University. The exhibit is on view in the RSM Art Gallery through October 26, 2016. An opening reception with President Gloria Cordes Larson will be held on Wednesday, September 14, at 4:00 p.m.

Bentley University Centennial Exhibit – Bentley Leaders
August 22 – October 26, 2016 October 24, 2016

Opening Reception with President Gloria Cordes Larson
Wednesday, September 14
4:00 p.m. – 5:15 p.m.

Bentley's first three presidents
Bentley’s first three presidents (from left):
Thomas L. Morison, Harry C. Bentley, Maurice M. Lindsay

Our 100th anniversary is a momentous occasion, and provides an unprecedented opportunity for our community to join together in celebration. Over this year, we hope that members of the Bentley community will learn about how we have grown as an institution, and use that knowledge to develop our hopes for Bentley’s future. Many know that our school began with a single individual – Mr. Harry C. Bentley, who started the Bentley School in a small rented classroom. He was buoyed in his ambitions by a natural entrepreneurial spirit and the enthusiasm of his students, who wanted a modern, comprehensive education in Accountancy. While his hard work and vision built our foundations, Mr. Bentley knew that he would need equally dedicated, innovative partners and successors to help his school realize its fullest potential.

Over the last 100 years, generations of leaders have devoted themselves to that very cause. For our innovative curriculum, our beautiful campus, and our wealth of educational opportunity, we have so many to thank. This exhibit profiles a selection of those leaders who helped the “Bentley School of Accounting and Finance” become Bentley University. We hope that learning about these individuals will inspire gratitude for their contributions, and ideas for how to help Bentley grow in our next 100 years.

While this exhibit offers an introduction to many important individuals, there are countless more that are worthy of note. An additional group of Bentley Leaders have been profiled in a companion exhibit that is available online through the Bentley Archives website. Please visit the two online exhibits, Bentley Leaders and Bentley Leaders: Firsts

Centennial Celebration

Remembering President Gregory H. Adamian

As many of you have recently heard, Bentley’s fourth President Gregory H. Adamian passed away on November 21, 2015 at the age of eighty nine. Dr. Adamian’s involvement with Bentley spanned six decades, including twenty-one impressive and influential years as our President.  During those years, President Adamian helped to develop Bentley’s curriculum, expand our beloved campus, and increase the school’s endowment. He was consistently committed to providing a valuable education to Bentley students so that they could become capable, engaged leaders.

Our campus and our programs grew significantly under President Adamian’s leadership – for example, he was instrumental in the establishment of both the Graduate School and the Center for Business Ethics. Bentley students past and present are all grateful for his dedication! For those who would like to learn more about President Adamian’s life and work, or simply remember his contributions to our community, the Bentley Archives has prepared an online exhibit that can be viewed here. If you would like more information about President Adamian or about Bentley’s development during his tenure please contact Jaimie Fritz, Project Archivist, at

Photos from the Remembering President Gregory H. Adamian online exhibit

Online Archives Exhibit: Bentley Through the Years

As you prepare to take part in all of Bentley’s amazing Homecoming activities, we thought you might be interested in becoming more “In the Know” about Bentley’s history! For example, did you know that the original class consisted of just 30 students who used to meet not far from what is now the Hynes Convention Center? Or that tuition was $120? Do you know when Bentley became co-educational (for the first time), or what the original buildings on the Waltham campus were? Over nearly 100 years, we’ve evolved from the “Bentley School of Accounting and Finance” to “Bentley University” through a series of impressive developments that were the work of many dedicated people.

Our new exhibit, Bentley Through the Years, will introduce you to these changes as you look at photos and documents from every decade of Bentley’s history. You’ll learn how the school navigated through two World Wars, how Bentley students lived & worked, and how the campus developed, along with many other fun facts. You – students, faculty, staff, alumni, family & friends – are all a part of Bentley’s rich history! We hope this exhibit will connect you to your campus community and inspire you to keep making Bentley a place of innovation and collaborative spirit.

A group of male students, seated at desks in a classroom, presumably in one of the Boylston Street buildings on the Boston campus.
A group of male students, seated at desks in a classroom, presumably in one of the Boylston Street buildings on the Boston campus. Click to view a larger image.

Please contact our Archivist, Jaimie Fritz, at if you have questions about the exhibit, or if there is another part of Bentley history that you want to learn more about!

Library Welcomes Jaimie Fritz, Project Archivist

As Bentley University prepares for its Centennial celebration in 2017, Bentley Library welcomes Jaimie Fritz as our Project Archivist to organize the archives associated with the University. Jaimie comes to us from the MIT Library most recently, and before that, the Schlesinger Library at Harvard. She is very excited to help us prepare for our centennial celebration, and brings the organizational and technical skills necessary to make it a success. Jaimie received her MS in Library and Information Science (with a Concentration in Archives Management) from Simmons College, and has an undergraduate degree in English Language and Literature from Smith College.

Over the next year, Jaimie will be inventorying and organizing our archives. She’ll also be creating digital exhibits around important events in Bentley history: the founding of the College, the move to Waltham, and more.