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Francis Domec
Linear Expressions
June 23 – August 12, 2016

Totem 24 by Francis Domec
Totem 24 by Francis Domec

Francis Domec, a French-born Boston-based artist, has filled the RSM Art Gallery with 23 drawings, drawing/prints and collages in an exhibition titled Linear Expressions. To learn more about the artist, please visit his website  Linear Expressions will be on view until Friday, August 12, 2016.

Artist Statement

My artwork “linear expressions” explores elements of transformation. Playing with lines and figures by means of drawings and linocuts are all figments of my imagination. 

Some pieces are simply drawn using permanent ink markers. Other pieces are enhanced with linocuts, impressions carved on linoleum plates and ink pressed onto the paper, unveiling multiple layers of shapes through the transparency of the original drawing.

This simple technique is an early printing method that goes back to the duplication of images by means of stamps or seals and later used for the reproduction of newspapers. It is also a means of artistic expression for children. 

There is also a chance element to the creative process, because the saturation of pigments and contrasts between the print and the existing drawing always create a unique image. The transformation of two different images through this immersion creates something new and intriguing and in a way for me a spiritual experience.

About the RSM Art Gallery

The RSM Art Gallery at Bentley University is a cultural and educational resource for the entire Bentley community. The gallery sponsors six to eight exhibits per year, highlighting the work of emerging New England artists working in a wide range of media.

For more information about the gallery please email Hugh Wilburn, Art Gallery Coordinator, at

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Located on the main floor of the Bentley Library, the RSM Art Gallery is free and open to the public when the library is open.  Driving directions and a campus map are available here.

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