Chills & Thrills: Frightfully Good Books and Movies

It is the time to celebrate all things spooky.

The Bentley Library staff has put together a display of DVDs that are full of chills and thrills for your Halloween season. Check the DVD display shelves throughout the month of October. We hope you are bewitched by our picks!

In addition to DVDs, plenty of spooky content is available through our streaming film collections, Kanopy and Swank.  If you are interested in learning about horror as a medium, why not start with the master and stream a Talk from Hitchcock himself available through Films on Demand.

Other horror tales and ghost stories are available on our shelves and through Overdrive, including the classics, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Bram Stoker’s Dracula and newer authors, Stephen King or Joe Hill. Don’t have time to commit to a whole novel? Why not check out a collection of short stories such as American Fantastic Tales or Flight or Fright!

Do you have a favorite pick you would like to recommend? Just post a comment with the title and your name.

Happy Haunting.

5 thoughts to “Chills & Thrills: Frightfully Good Books and Movies”

  1. Although not technically a horror film, the Blink episode, number 10, of season 3 of Doctor Who always gives me the chills. The Library has Season 3 of Doctor who and Blink is on the 5th disc. The idea of the Weeping Angels just creeps me out, but I still watch it : )

  2. My favorite book of all time is Frankenstein! It’s the 200th anniversary of its publishing so a great time to read it!

  3. One of my favorite movies is the 1958 film, Bell, Book and Candle starring Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak. It involves a book publisher, a witch, and a creepy, Siamese cat named Pyewacket. It is not scary. The ending is predictable. But it is fun!

    The Library has the film on DVD:

  4. Love the cult classic kids flick “Hocus Pocus” and the The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown is a childhood favorite. For books I am currently reading The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson so that I can start watching the new show on Netflix in time for Halloween.

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