Database of the Month: Thomson ONE

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Please note: Thomson ONE is optimized for Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7. It also works with Internet Explorer versions 8 or 9. It does not work in Firefox or Chrome, or on Macs. Thomson ONE uses pop-ups. Set Internet Explorer to accept pop-ups from * before entering the database to avoid having to re-do steps. You can test your computer for compatibility through Thomson ONE Diagnostic.

Searching Analyst Reports and SEC filings in Thomson ONE

Thomson ONE provides company overviews, lists of executives (current only), earnings estimates (+/- 5 years from today), stock price charts, side-by-side comparison of competitors, debt overview, company deals, customizable stock price charts, real-time market news, current and past SEC filings (some dating back to the 1960s!), and analysts’ reports.

Bentley Library subscribes to the following types of information via Thomson ONE:

  • Research – analyst reports from investment bank, brokerage house, and research firms from 1982 to present with one week embargo (sometimes called Investext)
  • Company Filings – 10-K, 8-K, 10-Q, Proxies, and Prospectuses filed with the SEC
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Deals – data is available for over 400,000 M&A deals, including global transactions since 1977
  • Equity Deals – data is available for over 80,000 equity deals, including global transactions since 1970
  • Bonds Deals – data lists company-specific bond transactions since 1998
  • Loans Deals – data is available for over 92,000 syndicated loans, including global transactions since 1982

Locating an Analyst Report in Thomson ONE:

To locate an analyst report for Apple Inc., for example, enter the company name or ticker symbol into the search box on the left and click GO. Find the RESEARCH tab along the navigation bar and click on Company Research.

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On the Company Research page, under Search Options, change the date range by clicking on the drop down menu and select Last 30 Days.

Enter the keyword “watch” next to Title to search for relevant analysts’ reports on the new Apple watch. Click SEARCH.

Reports are ranked by date, but you can change the list criteria by report title, contributor, or analyst. Analysts who receive a star ranking are those whose previous reports have been most accurate in predicting company performance.

Click to view a screenshot of Thomson One analyst reports.
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Click on APPLE INC. above the title you wish to read. Let’s look at the report by Piper Jaffray entitled, APPLE INC. – PJC Teen Survey: Watch Interest Remains Muted, iPhone Remains Dominant.

Click to view screenshot of Piper Jaffray analyst report for Apple, Inc.
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A new screen will load. Check Select All Reports and then click View. Reports generally include:

  • price performance over one year
  • analyst’s conclusion about the saleability of a product and consumer intent with regards to the product
  • rating and price target history
  • company’s 5-year income sheet

Here is a snippet from PiperJaffray’s report on teen interest in Apple watches dated April 14, 2015.

Click to view screenshot of a snippet of a Piper Jaffray report for Apple, Inc.
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Locating a 10-K Report in Thomson ONE:

You can find a 10-K, 8-K, 10-Q, Proxy Statements, and Prospectus filings for many companies in Thomson ONE dating back to the 1960s in some instances. To locate a 10-K or 10-Q report for Apple Inc., enter the company name or ticker symbol into the search box on the Company Views page and click GO. Find the FILINGS tab along the navigation bar and then click on Company Filings (the library does not have a subscription to the Delta Reports).

The most recent filings are linked across the top of the page.

Click to view screenshot of Thomson ONE latest filings for Apple, Inc.
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Under Search Company Filings, use the dropdown menu beside Filing Date to change the date range to Last 12 Months. Type 10-K; 10-Q in the Filing Category/Type search box and click Search.

The results are returned by the most recent filing date. Choose the format for viewing or downloading the report.

Click to view the screenshot of Thomson ONE download options for filings.
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Below is a partial analysis of company risk as described by Apple Inc. under Item 1A. Risk Factors in its 2014 annual report or 10-K.

The Company’s operations and performance depend significantly on global and regional economic conditions. Uncertainty about global and regional economic conditions poses a risk as consumers and businesses may postpone spending in response to tighter credit, higher unemployment, financial market volatility, government austerity programs, negative financial news, declines in income or asset values and/or other factors. These worldwide and regional economic conditions could have a material adverse effect on demand for the Company’s products and services.

Thomson ONE is available through the Bentley Library’s Databases A to Z listing. For further assistance using Thomson ONE, please contact the Reference Desk.


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