Database of the Month: Euromonitor

The Passport Global Market Information Database (Passport GMID) from Euromonitor International provides business intelligence on selected Industries, Countries & Consumers, Companies, and Geographies, and comprehensive tools for analysis across datasets. Each category includes in-depth reports, analyst comments, statistics and external sources. Multiple search options and integrated results across categories offer users flexibility when tailoring searches.


  • Use the navigation bar along the top of the page to gain quick access to information about Industries, Countries & Consumers, Companies and/or Geographies. The left menu is context-specific, offering access to information depending on user selection.
  • Use Text Search boxes (the simple, quick or advanced text searches) to conduct keyword searches and apply limiters and filters.
  • Use the Menu Search to choose datasets via a hierarchical menu.
  • Use the Browse Analysis tool to view the most recent reports, profiles, and analyst comments.


A network of international, regional and local Euromonitor analysts conduct the research. New reports, analyses and comments are added daily, while industry reports are updated annually. Historical and forecasted date coverage varies by country, within a broad range of 1977 to 2015.

A sampling of available information includes:

  • Industries: Global industry profiles including market share and trends, new product introductions, country-specific industry reports.
  • Countries & Consumers: Country-specific statistics and reports on consumer behavior and lifestyles including Marketing Strategy Briefings and Country Pulse reports on current consumer thinking and societal trends. Research is available on both developed and emerging markets.
  • Companies: Global coverage for companies and brands, including company profiles, market analysis and Key Trends.
  • Geographies: Includes the above information easily searchable by country or region. Also includes Country and City Briefings including business environment and global risk information, Regional and Country in-depth profiles, and demographic information including Key Metrics and Future Demographic reports.


The cross-searching and custom report building tools may be used to bring datasets together for comparison. Once users have selected variables and built the report, they may download the data into Excel or print in PDF format. Euromonitor provides standardized international definitions for variables to ensure accurate data comparability.


Users may set up a personal account to save searches and reports, set up email alerts, and subscribe to selected RSS feeds. The “My Home” feature allows users to customize a page with reports and updates relevant to their research interests.

For More Information…

Click on the the [HELP] link on any Euromonitor page to view video tutorials for Finding Data and Navigation.  You can also get the latest news, listen to podcasts, and view videocasts at Euromonitor’s Global Market Research blog.

Connect to this database

Please visit the Passport GMID database here. A complete listing of the Bentley Library’s databases is available on our Databases page.


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