Today is the Final Day to Have Your Say!

The clock is ticking… Have you had your say yet?

The Bentley Library’s 14 Days to Have Your Say! campaign ENDS TODAY – Monday, March 29.  Please, visit the 14 Days blog to see what people are talking about and to add your voice to the conversation!

One thought to “Today is the Final Day to Have Your Say!”

  1. The Friday hours are the pits. Though the undergrads may start their weekends on Thursdays, grad students do not. Many of us have jobs and end up with Fridays being the only evening we can meet. Not being able to do so in the library is a major problem for us. By the time everyone gets off of work, we’re lucky if everyone can convene at 6. Maybe the library could stay open until 10 or 11 on Fridays?

    And not sure if this is under your control, but the lack of options for coffee after 9:30 are suboptimal. Could the Einstein’s stay open later, maybe just for coffee service? For students getting out of class at 10 Einstein’s is inaccessible. Maybe Einstein’s could stay open till 10:30 or 11?

    CB Loeb
    MSHFID program

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