Database of the Month: The Case Journal

Business cases are vital resources in the general business curriculum and provide students with real-life scenarios often encountered in the business world. As experiential learning continues to occupy a larger role in business education, case studies serve as instructive examples of problem-solving approaches made by practitioners in the field.

Bentley library is pleased to announce the addition of The Case Journal (TCJ) to our already substantial collection of business case studies. TCJ is the official journal of The CASE Association, one of the most prominent case study organizations in the U.S., and contains peer-reviewed, factual teaching cases in the business and management disciplines. Articles about the case method of classroom instruction and the research and writing of cases are also included.

TCJ contains a growing collection of business case studies (300 to date).

Screenshot of The CASE Journal homepage.

There is an advanced search option to allow for customized searching by date and content type.

The CASE Journal Advanced Search screenshot.

Each case contains a case summary, information about the type of methodology employed in the study, the intended audience and themes, and assigned keywords.

Example Case summary page.

All cases are available in downloadable PDF format.

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