Database of the Month: Statista

Need statistics for a research assignment? This month’s database of the month, Statista, is a great place to look!

Statista Logo

Statista is a portal for quantitative data and statistics. This database provides statistics related to industries, markets, consumer behavior, media, and more both in the United States and worldwide.

Screenshot of Statista homepage. Displays navigation menus and main search box.
Statista Homepage as of April 2019.

Use the search box to find information on your topic of interest or browse via the drop-down menus which provide access to different types of information available in Statista.  Statistics can be downloaded in Excel, PNG, PowerPoint and PDF formats.

Result page in Statista for "Number of recreational visitors to Boston National Historical Park in the United States from 2008 to 2018 (in millions)". Displays chart, download options, description of chart, and citation tool.
Example result in Statista. Visit this page on Statista’s website.

Each result page offers an exportable chart or graph, a brief description of the data, and points to the source of the data should you want to track down more information from that source. A citation tool is provided to make it easier to cite the material if you are using it in a paper or project. Suggested citations are available for APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and Bluebook citation styles. Other options provided by Statista include adjusting the chart type under “Settings” and you can also share this information on social media.  Some charts and graphs can even be embedded with HTML code into websites!

In addition to the individual charts and graphs, Statista offers a variety of reports that compile statistics that can help with your research. Statista Dossiers organize top sets of quantitative charts and graphs on a topic onto one browseable page. These collections can be exported as a PowerPoint or PDF file. Take a look at this Statista Dossier on Netflix as an example. 

If you have any questions about using Statista, please reach out to a Bentley Reference Librarian. You can also check out Statista’s Help & FAQ page.


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New Electronic Resource: Statista

Statista is an internet-based statistics portal.  The Statista platform covers over 60,000 topics from over 18,000 sources world-wide.  Statista categorizes data into 21 market sectors — including, E-Commerce, Consumer Goods, Media & Advertising, and Technology& Communications.

Users can export content in widely used formats such ass PNG, XLS and PPT for use in presentations, websites or blogs.  Statistics can be displayed in bar chart, line graph and table formats — based on the users needs.  Statista also provides reading support to explain statistics published on the portal.  Detailed source citation is also included so that users can trace back directly to the original source.

Each statistic indexed in Statista is dealt with on an individual basis and linked to corresponding topics and subject areas within the portal.  Uses can use Statista’s rankings to arrange tables in sortable formats.