On Display - Garbage: Don't Trash the Earth

This display was inspired (cynically) by Earth Day. Earth Day (April 22) reminds us that we need to care for the planet. The items on display deal with themes of waste, contamination, toxicity, or pollution. These are all non-fiction DVDs and books selected on the sad subject of degrading the environment or trashing the earth, in some form or another.

Saving the environment is a persistent topic in the literature. Many of the voices in this display analyze specific garbage problems, propose solutions, or raise alarms about the unsustainable ways humans use planet. Collectively, humans continue to turn away from the planet’s garbage problem, but these materials inform us of ways to address it responsibly, soon.

The phrase “Don’t trash the earth” takes on new meaning when we see the proportion of damage being done to the Earth’s environment, as humans are obviously NOT caring for the planet well enough, and ought to strive to honor Earth Day, every day.

Stop by the library from April 1 – May 12 to browse and borrow.