Faculty: Share Your Work with Scholars @ Bentley

At a time when most academic work is moving online, it is important to ensure that quality research and resources are digitally available to the global scholarly community. To that end, the Bentley Library would like to remind faculty members that Scholars @ Bentley, the university’s institutional repository, is available to those who wish to share their work in an open-access, searchable database.

Items uploaded to Scholars @ Bentley become part of the Digital Commons research network, with persistent links and usage statistics available for each discrete work. Nearly 3.5 million items from over 500 institutions have been added to Digital Commons, creating a robust network of scholarship that is available to all.

Here are just a few examples of work that can be uploaded to Scholars @ Bentley:

  • Journal articles (Note: Many paywalled articles are eligible for posting in an open-access database if authors submit their manuscript version. Doing so has the potential to greatly increase the reach of your work and provide helpful resources for the growing online learning community.)
  • Presentations, lectures, or conference proceedings
  • Open educational resources such as lesson plans, workbooks, problem sets, digital models, etc.
  • Blog posts, academic essays or other unpublished work that you wish to share digitally
  • Datasets, A/V materials, and other research components in a variety of formats

Please email scholars@bentley.edu for more information about submitting your work. Library staff are available to assist you with each step of the process including copyright permission checks, ensuring that you are quickly & easily able to share your research online.