Library Instruction: Give Student Research a Boost

Last year, the library delivered 260 instruction sessions, tours, and workshops. Here’s what some faculty had to say about them:

“Students are surprised to learn how the databases improve their access to information, and this is revealed in the quality of the bibliographies they turn in.”

“Students have taken much more time and care in their research and have made better use of integrating it into their papers as a result.”

“Students have told me that they are no longer feeling intimidated about contacting a librarian for help.”

As you plan your syllabus, consider including library instruction if you require your students to do research. Library instruction covers such concepts as:

  • evaluating online information
  • developing search strategies
  • attributing sources
  • and other research- and information-related skills.

Traditionally, faculty have brought students to the library for a class period when they are beginning their research. This is just one way librarians can collaborate with faculty to help students become better researchers and users of information. Just let us know how you’d like to join forces to help your students become more information literate, by contacting Liz Galoozis, Coordinator of User Education.

To schedule a research instruction session, use our Library Instruction Request form, which now includes the option to upload an assignment and/or syllabus. (For details and policies, click on “Schedule a Research Instruction Session” on the library’s home page.)

And to learn more about library instruction and information literacy in general, visit our Information Literacy and Instruction research guide.