On Display - The Immigrant Experience: In Their Own Words

With roughly 200 countries across our globe, it’s no wonder that immigration plays a huge role in many people’s lives. Some choose to move to a different country for a change of pace or a new set of opportunities. For others, their moves are the result of global conflict, persecution, and other serious personal concerns. This display presents many different narratives around immigration that can help readers and viewers to see the various perspectives that encompass the “immigrant experience.” 

This display focuses primarily on writers and filmmakers who have immigrated to another country in their lifetime, or whose families include recent immigrants. As a result their narratives often address these personal experiences, whether in fictional or non-fictional form. Many countries and genres are represented, allowing patrons to choose their own areas of interest or explore something new. 

Titles will be available to browse in the library lobby from Monday, November 4th – Sunday, January 5th. You may also access the full list of titles in the library’s online catalog. Additional eBooks and audiobooks are available to browse and download via Overdrive