On Display: From Apple to Zara: Companies & CEOs

What do the financial collapse of 2008, the bailout of General Motors, the rise of “social couponing” sites, the family behind the creation and sale of Tabasco sauce, and Donald Trump have in common? They’re all represented rectangle-image-apple-to-zara PMin our new library display, From Apple to Zara: Companies & CEOs. We’ve selected a mix of titles in print, on audio and on DVD ranging from the multinational to the domestic, from the classic to the may-become-classic, and from the socially responsible to the ruthless.

You can easily identify the items you’d like to check out in a few different ways: come by the Library to browse the display, look at the entire list in the catalog (you can click “Request” to place an item on hold) or view the entire display on Pinterest.