Database of the Month: IHS Connect

IHS Connect provides continuously updated analysis of general business conditions, economic information and general risk assessment for countries, continents and regions. Reports include political, economic, regulatory/legal, tax, operational and security considerations. Interactive maps, statistical data, charts, and graphs analyze and present data on specific geographies.

Users researching Global Studies, Economics, and business-related country and company topics will find this database useful. For example, information on the following common reference questions in those disciplines (and more) is included:

  • Risks associated with doing business in specific countries
  • World, regional and local economic forecasts
  • Current country and sovereign risk ratings from IHS Connect, Moody’s, S&P and other rating services
  • Headline Analysis, Risk Profile, Intelligence, and other analyst-authored reports naming specific countries and companies

Get Started with IHS Connect

To get started, click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the page and choose Show Subscribed Content to limit search results to Bentley’s subscription content. A basic search box for keyword searching is provided to the left of the gear icon; start typing a search term and a list of suggested topics appears below the search box. Results will be provided in one or more of the following subject areas: Global Economics, Risk, or Geographies.

Choose a Country

To see an interactive dashboard with comprehensive information about a specific country, click the Geography link of the navigation bar and enter a country name into the search box.

Partial view of Country Risk reports and data for Venezuela, showing Overview, Reports and Risk Ratings

Browse Interactive Risk and Economics Datasets

The IHS Data Browser organizes and displays Risk Rating and Global Economy data. Build reports by choosing from a detailed list of strategic or sovereign risk factors, or view economic indicators over time. The data can be exported to Excel by clicking the Export button.

Strategic risk ratings for South American countries

Get Database Help

View IHS Connect’s online help center by clicking the question mark icon on the main navigation bar.  Download the PDF user guide or view it online. User guides for a variety of in-depth tutorial information are also available. In-person assistance is available from Bentley librarians; our contact information and Reference Desk hours are available on the Bentley Library Research Help page.

Connect to the Database

Please visit our Databases A-Z page and click IHS Connect to begin your search. This database can also be viewed in the following Subject lists on the A-Z page: Country Research; Economics; International Business; Politics and Government.


Database of the Month provides a very brief introduction to useful library databases, highlighting key features you should know about. If you would like more information about this resource (or any of the library’s databases), please contact us for research assistance. If you would like a demonstration of these resources for a class, please schedule a research instruction class using the instruction request form.