So Many E-books and So Little Time

We’ve been lavished with rich lists of e-books and suggestions for online reading from every corner in recent weeks–it’s heavenly, and our virtual bookshelves are bursting. Who knew so many libraries had so much to offer? Where to begin?

But, we are human. Like the sayings go, “So many books, so little time” and the “eyes are bigger than the stomach.”

Nancy Pearl rule of 50

This makes now the perfect time to invoke the Nancy Pearl rule of 50. Nancy Pearl has given readers wonderful options with her Rule:

  • If a reader is under 50 years old, then consume 50 pages before dropping a book.
  • If a reader is over 50 years old, take the number 100, subtract your age, and this is the number of pages to read before switching to the next book. 

For example, a grandmother who is 86 years old has only to read 14 pages because 100 – 86 = 14. This means if grandma does not like a book and she has read 15 pages, she can nuke the book without guilt. 

With this there is very limited math involved.

One caveat… Sorry but the Rule of 50 applies to books for leisure and not assigned readings.

Nancy Pearl is a renowned librarian from Seattle who believes a person’s obligation to finish a book is not cast in stone, and she came up with the Rule of 50 for dropping a bad book after she had been asked many times for some kind of formula. Thank you, Nancy.

Nancy Pearl action figure, taking appropriate precautions with a DIY mask.