Have copyright questions? The library has answers.

From books to business cases, photocopies to fair use, we’ve got you covered.

copyright-questionsThe library has recently added to its website important information about copyright and how it relates to the Bentley community. Within the Research tab in the top navigational bar of our website, you will find the “Policy on the Use of Copyrighted Materials for Education and Research”. This updated policy is designed to address the ambiguities of copyright law in relation to evolving faculty needs and student expectations and provides useful information to assist in interpreting the law and applying its principles to the use of copyrighted material in teaching and scholarship.

In addition, the library offers a comprehensive research guide to assist the Bentley University community in matters of copyright that are most likely to be encountered in academic setting. This guide is informed by numerous resources on copyright law and its relation to higher education and is shaped by the “community of practice” that has emerged among scholars and librarians.