75th Anniversary Time Capsule

As we celebrate the official 100th Anniversary of Bentley this week, we have the opportunity to look back on the 75th Anniversary in 1992 and the opening of its time capsule. This exhibit gives a selection of the items included in the time capsule that captures an image of life at Bentley in 1992, including time capsule documents, general institution memorabilia, publications from Bentley and beyond, memorabilia from student organizations, Greek life, and athletics, and commencement programs.

time capsule documents





Letter to the Future of President of Bentley



Signed Declaration for the Time Capsule Burial





Letter from the 75th Anniversary Student Subcommittee to Joseph Marr Cronin, announcing the creation and burial of the 75th Anniversary time capsule.


general memorabilia



Bentley College 75th Anniversary commemorative 16-month calendar. Pages inside show events and people from Bentley history.






“Fact Sheet” from 1993. Contains stats and figures on Bentley during that year.



Student Handbook, 1992-1993.

In the news…



Issue of the Boston Globe from Wednesday, October 14th, 1992.



Issue of the Wall Street Journal from Wednesday, October 14th, 1992.



Issue of The Bottom Line, the Bentley Faculty and Staff publication, from May 5, 1993.



Issue of the Vanguard, the Bentley Newspaper, from September 17, 1992.

Greek life



Assembled portraits of Phi Sigma Sigma Zeta Delta Chapter sorority in 1991.



“The Delta’s”, Spring 1992.




Assembled portraits of Alpha Phi Zeta Ro Chapter sorority in 1991.



“The Gamma’s”, Fall 1991.



“Rush Counselor Bentley College” t-shirt with students signatures and the letters of their fraternity or sorority.




Bentley College 1992 Home Athletic Events Calendar. Contains schedules for 1992 Football, 1992-1993 Men’s Basketball, 1992-1993 Women’s Basketball, and contact numbers for Athletics.




Women’s championship basketball plaque, 1991-1992 with a photo of women’s basketball team.



Bentley basketball uniform.




Beige leather dance slipper donated by the Bentley Jazz dance team. The shoe is signed in several places by members of the team.


student organizations



Senior Class Cabinet, 1992.




Letter from Robert F. Black to the future Bentley Community, President of the Student Government Association (SGA), dated October 12, 1992.



Brochure for the Bowles Art Series, 1992-1993.





Bentley College Commuter Association 1992-1993 t-shirt. A few dozen students have written their names, class years, and other quotes.




A poster for “Educating Ourselves”, a conference held by the Students for the Advancement of Women group on March 2, 1991.




Bentley College International Club t-shirt, Oct. 14th, 1992. Signed by 10 students with their student government affiliations.



Program from a performance “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Alpha Psi Omega, the national theater organization at Bentley.



Bacchus “Balancing Books and Booze” t-shirt.



Ticket for Senior Class Cabinet Halloween Party, October 29, 1992.



Student Government Association (SGA) t-shirt.




Undergraduate Commencement Program, 1993.



Graduate Commencement Program, 1993.

If you’re on campus, be sure to see the reveal of the 75th Anniversary time capsule and write LEtters for future reunions! located in Room 101 in the Bentley University Library on Tuesday, February 28th from 12-4 pm.


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