Database of the Month: Kanopy (Streaming Films)

Kanopy logo

With an ever-expanding catalog of over 50,000 films, Kanopy delivers diverse content in a variety of genres, from award-winning documentaries, training films, and theatrical releases on a wide range of topics and subject areas that span all academic disciplines. With media from producers such as Criterion Collection, Universal Paramount, PBS, Media Education Foundation, and Great Courses, this resource is ideal for both faculty and student research needs.


Streaming films from Kanopy can be viewed on or off campus through Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and IE and are accessed via authentication of your Bentley credentials and allows for simultaneous users of a particular title.

Search and Browse:

If there is a particular film you are looking for, you may search in the following ways:

From the library’s catalog:

Select Books/Video/Audio, enter your search criteria, then click Search.

Then click on the Kanopy link to view the film.

From Kanopy:

Enter your search criteria in the search box at the top of Kanopy’s main page and click the Search icon.

Then select the desired title from the listing of results.

The film should now appear ready to stream, complete with features described below.



  • User Profile – create a profile to:
    • Use Kanopy on device apps such as Roku, IOS, Android, etc
    • Generate personalized content
    • Utilize disability controls and features
    • Access customer support
    • User dashboard
  • Clips and playlists
  • Embed films into course sites
  • Captions and transcripts


Database of the Month provides a very brief introduction to a useful website or Library database, highlighting key features you should know about. If you would like more information about this resource (or any of the library’s databases), please contact us for research assistance. If you would like a demonstration of this resource for a class, please schedule a research instruction class using the instruction request form.

June Acquisitions: New Books, DVDs and Audiobooks

new acquisitionsThe new acquisitions lists for June have been posted. Over 180 new books, movies, TV shows, audiobooks and eBooks were added to our collection last month. Go to the New Books & DVDs page to browse the new book, DVD and audiobook arrivals by subject or format. When you see something you want, click the “Request” button to place a hold on it.

Interested in downloading or streaming ebooksand digital audiobooks? You can use the OverDrive app to download books to your computer or mobile device, or read/listen to books online in your browser via the library’s OverDrive site.  For help using OverDrive, view their Getting Started page or visit the Reference Desk for personal assistance.


Database Alert! OverDrive Issue Reported [Resolved]

Update – 9:07 a.m., Thursday, June 6, 2017:  We are happy to report that the OverDrive sign-in problem has been fixed. Please contact us if you continue to have a problem or need help. Thank you again for your patience while we worked to resolve the issue.


We are very sorry to report that access to the OverDrive downloadable book platform has been disrupted for some Bentley users. The problem has been reported, and we hope that the issue will be resolved quickly. An update will be posted here when access has been restored. You can also follow the library’s updates on Twitter and Facebook.

Our apologies for the inconvenience. Please contact the Reference Desk at 781.891.2300 or if you have any questions.

On Display: Not-so-obvious Adaptations

The library’s latest display features “Not-so-obvious Adaptations”. The collection features films that are based on books, but the catch is that the movie titles are different than the original book’s title! For instance, did you know that Forbidden Planet is based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest or that the inspiration for Mean Girls is a book called Queen Bees & Wannabes: Helping Your Daughter Survive Cliques, Gossip, Boyfriends, and the New Realities of Girl World?

The entire list of titles can be found in the catalog (if you’d like, click the “Request it” button to place an item on hold).

Summer is a great time to discover a new book and watch a movie, so stop by the library to check out the display and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, please come ask at the Reference Desk.

Now Showing in the Gallery: Bentley Staff Art Exhibition

The staff members of Bentley University demonstrate their creativity ON the job each day. That creative impulse also finds expression OFF the job through a wide variety of forms of artistic expression. The current exhibit in the RSM Art Gallery presents a sampling of the talents Bentley staff enjoy exploring outside of work. The exhibitors are:

Can Ahtam
Claire Anderson
Maria Bergmann
Kevin Crouse
Debra Kennedy
Diane McNamara
Valerie Pirri
Melody Smith
Marilee Sullivan
Hugh Wilburn
Dominique Winn

All are invited to celebrate the opening of the exhibit at a reception on Wednesday, June 28, from 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Bentley University Staff Art Exhibition
June 15 – August 11, 2017

Opening Reception
Wednesday, June 28, 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Database of the Month: Statistical Abstract of the United States

9 Reasons to Love the Statistical Abstract of the United States (“StatAbs”):

  1. It’s the best-known statistical reference concerning the United States and serves as an authoritative source and guide to statistical information. It’s ideal for building arguments, fact-checking, and researching U.S.- based questions.
  2. StatAbs addresses patterns of business, patterns of people, organizations, government activity and more; it does not address individual companies or consumer goods. For example, a trend in the telecommunications industry is illustrated in Table 1165, Landline and Wireless Telephone Status of Households, where the numbers tell the story of adult users who purchased both landlines and cellphones over the course of 6 years. According to this table, 26.6% of households in 2010 had wireless only (no landline) and 49.3% of households in 2016 had wireless only (no landline). This year over year comparison suggests a strong trend for users to stop purchasing telephones, and producers of telephones may shift in favor of mobile phone production in response. StatAbs and does not name phone carriers.

    Statistical Abstract table 1165
    Click to view larger image.
  3. StatAbs is online, updated monthly, and well-populated with over 1,400 tables.
  4. It serves as the official federal summary of statistics and is broken down into 30 sections, each section containing up to 40 tables.
  5. StatAbs is hosted by ProQuest, which makes the interface feel smooth and efficient to navigate. See StatAbs in action with a sample question:

    Q: In U.S. Presidential elections, what was the popular vote count, by party, in the 2016 election?

    There are two ways to find the answer to this question! You can keyword search by entering the word “vote” in the search box, or browse the table of contents on the left, choosing Section 7: “Elections” .

    Statistical Abstract interface
    Click to view larger image.

    A: Table 435. Vote Cast for President by Major Political Party: 1948 – 2016.  In the 2016 presidential election 136,787,000 people voted and the popular vote was 65,677,000 democratic and 62,692,000 republican.

    Statistical Abstract Table
    Click to view larger image.
  6. The Statistical Abstract of the United States began in 1878 with 18 sources and now draws from 250 sources.
  7. StatAbs affords easy pearl-growing opportunities. At the bottom of each table and the opening of each section statisticians explain their sources, which is convenient for the pursuit of ideas. This table about representation of minority women in congress is attributed to the Brookings Institute and a link to the website is given.

    Statistical Abstract table 2
    Click to view larger image.
  8. StatAbs tables can be downloaded in Excel or PDF format.

    Statistical Abstract download options
    Click to view larger image.
  9. StatAbs is easy to cite. APA Style and MLA Style citations are provided for each table. For additional citation help, contact the Reference Desk or the Writing Center.

Use Statistical Abstract of the United States as the go-to resource for benchmarking measurements about imports, exports, public finance, shipping, gross national product, population, drug usage, day care arrangements, and more.


Database of the Month provides a very brief introduction to a useful website or Library database, highlighting key features you should know about. If you would like more information about this resource (or any of the library’s databases), please contact us for research assistance. If you would like a demonstration of this resource for a class, please schedule a research instruction class using the instruction request form.

Writing Center & ESOL Center Open for Summer Session

Bentley University’s ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Center and Writing Center are open and accepting appointments from all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in summer session classes. Students are encouraged to make an appointment online (links below), but walk-ins are also welcome. Both centers are located on the lower level of the library.

The Writing Center

Monday – Thursday: 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Writing Center staff are available to provide one-to-one assistance with writing skills. Students can drop in during open hours, but appointments are encouraged. Schedule online, or call 781.891.3173 to make an appointment.

The ESOL Center

Monday: 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Wednesday: 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Looking for help with writing, presentations, pronunciation and conversation enrichment? Come to the ESOL Center. Bentley University students whose home language is not English are invited to take advantage of the free tutorial services offered by Bentley’s ESOL Center. All students (including graduate students) can schedule online, call 781.891.2021 to make an appointment, or drop in to see if a faculty tutor is available.