Spring Break Hours: Saturday March 4th – Sunday March 12th

Spring break seems early this year, but who isn’t ready for a brief respite from classes, assignments and studying? Those of you not headed out of town might be wondering if the library is open during the break. Yes, we are, with some modifications to our normal hours. Stop in for quiet place to relax, to borrow books and movies, or to pick up a museum pass (there are still plenty of passes available for next week – reserve them online now!).

Saturday 3/4 and Sunday 3/5:

Monday 3/6 – Thursday 3/9:
8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Friday 3/10:
8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Saturday 3/11:

Sunday 3/12:
1:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m.

Please note that the Deloitte Cafe (Einstein’s) is closed throughout Spring Break. For more information about library, café or help desk hours, please view the online hours calendar.

Birthday Celebration! Time Capsule Viewing & Letter-Writing: Tues. 2/28, 12-4

By now you probably know that Bentley is celebrating its historic centennial year. But you may not know that we have some important milestones coming up– this week marks the official founding of Bentley University, and the birthday our founder Harry C. Bentley!

Harry C. Bentley was born on February 28th, 1877 in Connecticut. He discovered a passion for business in his youth, and by the time he reached his 30’s he was a successful teacher, writer, and businessman. On February 26th, 1917 he held the first class at what would soon be called the “Bentley School of Accounting and Finance.” Turning 40 and starting your own school in the same week – quite an accomplishment!

To honor both of these historic dates, we’re planning an all-day birthday celebration across campus on Tuesday, February 28th.  At the library, we’ll be using the day to honor and explore Bentley’s past. From 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday you can visit Room 101 on the main level to see the contents of the 1992 time capsule, and the video that students produced to go along with it. There are letters from student organizations, t-shirts, memorabilia, photos, and more to browse through. While you’re here, you can also write a letter to your future self that will be stored in the Archives and given to you at a future Bentley Reunion!

If you’d like to learn more about the early history of Bentley, and even get to hear Mr. Bentley’s voice, see our new Archives Birthday Wishes web exhibit.

In this video, you can hear remarks delivered by Harry Bentley at Commencement in 1950.

Black History Month Book and Film Display

“To my children, for whom I dream that one day soon they will no longer be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

~ Martin Luther King, Jr., dedication in front of his book “Why We Can’t Wait” 


View 150 books and DVDs in the library’s front hall for Black History Month starting now! Hear the voices of  past and present African American leaders and rediscover their accomplishments, both in the United States and South Africa. With this display, find works on the people who intensely pursued the rights for blacks to vote and meet advocates for the underserved. Refresh your knowledge of the history and events in this important subject area. Reflect on the work of African American desegregation martyrs. Also browse for beautiful works such as Eyes on the Prize or take home inspirational speeches by outstanding orators on DVD. Check out stirring primary documents such as The Ferguson Report or the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to evaluate exactly what was written that has become so symbolic.

Key events and strong figures from the civil rights movement of the 1960’s

  • Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Medgar Evers
  • Malcolm X
  • Nelson Mandela

and the leaders of today

  • Angela Davis
  • Barack Obama
  • Henry Louis Gates
  • John Lewis

Mostly non-fiction, this display brings together multiple materials about positive, dynamic leaders and their successes. The Bentley Library is well-stocked with books on history of civil rights and successful African Americans and we limited the array to bring you the best materials. Racism, African American arts, literature, and athletes are minimally represented here, as those are entire areas which could merit their own displays and space was limited. We invite you to explore those topics in our catalog.

The 2017 Black History Month display is intended as a showcase of works by and about great African American figures throughout history, and the gains we have made with their leadership. Although the origins of Black History Month began in 1926 as Negro History Week, the topic has blossomed in scope and the conversation happily continues in many directions well past the month of February every year.

“To the committed supporters of the civil rights movement, Negro and white, whose steadfastness amid confusions and setbacks gives assurance that brotherhood will be the condition of man, not the dream of man.”

~ Martin Luther King, Jr., dedication in the front of his book “Where Do We Go From Here?

New Database: CIAO - Columbia International Affairs Online

CIAO logoColumbia International Affairs Online (CIAO) is a new addition to the library’s collection of databases. CIAO has a specific focus on international politics and related fields, such as security studies, global finance, diplomatic practice, humanitarian law, global governance, development studies, and environmental studies. CIAO is owned and published by Columbia University Press (CUP).

What’s Included?

Researchers can use CIAO to find scholarly journal articles, working papers, policy briefs, analysis and commentary, e-books, and videos. CIAO also provides basic country data from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). The content provided in CIAO is aggregated from 300 international publishing institutions, including government research organizations, independent think tanks, NGOs, universities, and scholarly journals.

There are two ways to search for information in CIAO – a standard search box and the Discover Content navigation menu.


Construct a keyword search using the single search box at the top of the screen. There are no advanced search options, but you can utilize these search tips to construct a targeted keyword search:

  • Boolean operators are supported, but they must be typed in all caps – AND, OR, and NOT. The default search is an implied OR, which will search for all terms independently.
  • Use quotation marks to restrict your search to an exact phrase rather than searching for individual words. For example, “European Union”.
  • Use the facets in the left column to refine your search results based on criteria such as topic, geography, or content type.
Keyword search example. Click to view larger image.

Discover Content

Use the Discover Content faceted browsing menu options to locate materials by:

  • Topic
  • Political Geography
  • Content Type
  • Journal
  • Publishing Institution
  • Author
  • Publication Year
Your search will be narrowed with each option you select from the faceted menu. For example, you may choose a Topic (e.g. Foreign Policy) and a Political Geography (e.g. China) and a Content Type (e.g. Working Paper) to get a targeted set of search results. To remove a facet from your search, simply click the “x” next to the term.
Discover Content search
Discover Content faceted browse menu. Click to view larger image.

How to Access CIAO

Access CIAO from the library’s Databases A-Z page. Please note that CIAO is currently only available to on-campus users, but we are working on a solution to provide off-campus access.  If you have any questions about this new resource, or would like additional help searching the database, please contact the Reference Desk.


Database of the Month provides a very brief introduction to a useful website or Library database, highlighting key features you should know about. If you would like more information about this free web resource (or any of the library’s databases), please contact us for research assistance. If you would like a demonstration of this resource for a class, please schedule a research instruction class using the instruction request form.

Print Your Career Fair Resumes Here! Tues. 2/14 & Wed. 2/15

In conjunction with the SGA and the Library, Client Services has configured two printers in the Library and one printer in the Student Center to accommodate printing resumes for the Bentley Career Fair.


The following locations will have resume paper in the printer trays and be dedicated to resume printing only:

  • Print Room 120 in the library (main floor, near the rest rooms)
  • Printer 1 in the Business Center of the Student Center


The printers will be stocked with resume paper 3:00 p.m. Tuesday, February 14   4:00 p.m. Wednesday, February 15.


In order to submit a print job to print your resume, you will need to send it to the FalconResume print queue. This print queue will be available on the library’s computers starting at 2:30 p.m on Tuesday, February 14th.

You may add the FalconResume queue to your personal computer following the instructions provided in the email you received from Client Services.

Cost & Other Details

  • The printers will be configured for single-sided printing as the default.
  • The color rate of 24 cents per page will be charged for printing.
  • Resume paper is available in limited quantities – please print only what you need for the Career Fair.

If you have any questions please contact the Help Desk — call 781.891.3122, email helpdesk@bentley.edu or visit the Help Desk in person on the lower level of the library.

Have a great day at the Career Fair!

Library Closed Mon. 2/13; Decision About Evening Hours is Pending

Due to the snow, Bentley University has canceled all day classes and closed administrative offices on Monday, February 13th. Evening classes will be held. The Bentley Library will remain closed during the day today. A decision about opening the library for evening hours will be made by 10:00 a.m.

Don’t forget that even when the library’s doors are closed, our research databases, eBook collections and streaming films databases are always accessible from both on and off campus.

For official updates about the status of the university, check the Bentley University website or call the Bentley University Storm Emergency line at 781.891.2020. We also encourage you to follow the library’s updates on Twitter and Facebook.

Storm Closing: Library Closing Early at 9:00pm on Sunday, Feb. 12th

Due to the inclement weather, the Bentley Library will close at 9:00 p.m. on Sunday, February 12th.

For official updates about the status of classes, please check the Bentley University website or call the Bentley University Storm Emergency line at 781.891.2020.

Don’t forget that even when the library’s doors are closed, our research databases, eBook collections and streaming films databases are always accessible from both on and off campus.

For official updates about the status of the university, check the Bentley University website or call the Bentley University Storm Emergency line at 781.891.2020. We also encourage you to follow the library’s updates on Twitter and Facebook.