Press the social button now!

There was a time when promotion and marketing plan meant investing in television and radio. But things have changed over the past 10-15 years and here we are. Everyone talks about SEO, social media and blogging. Companies want to connect with their customers and want to hear what they have to say.

I will be surprised if companies have not given it a thought to open a Facebook page or start a Twitter account. But does it help to just be present? What about companies who have pages floating on these dynamic social media sites with no updates? It is as important to be active as it is to be present. We cannot deny the importance of this media but we have to be careful before we jumpon the social media bandwagon without being informed.

Here are a few must dos in the world of social media that you should consider before venturing into them:

  • Be Where THEY Are: All companies want to be on all social media. But is your audience going to see you on the medium or social platform that you are using? Be selective about your presence on social media. Choose wisely!
  • Be Active: Treat social media like your daily workout schedule. If you don’t work out, you don’t see results! Make sure you have interesting content being shared regularly.
  • Be Honest: Avoid making the mistake of promising things you cannot actually do. It is important to build trust on this informal platform. Remember people converse and share experiences.
  • Be Creative: It is important that to be both creative and entertaining. Social media gives a lot of room for someone or a company to be creative. Make it visual, make it appealing and make it worth the user’s time! 
  • Be Responsive: When your followers and fans comment, they want to hear back from you. Ignoring comments from your followers could result in unhappy audience which is never good for a business. Engagement is a must! 
  • Be Responsible: Remember that you are representing your company on a platform with millions of users who are visiting on their own time, without being pushed. Make sure you are responsible about what you share and how you share it.

To summarize, social media is inevitable but being aware of the benefits of various social media platforms will help organizations be more successful and engaging.

2012 Spring Trends: Which Will You Be Wearing?

Post By: Megan Callaghan

                                 Cutout fashions hitting runways for top designers:

Look for clothes with styles cut from the fabric itself. Cutout fashion brings an artistic design to the garment by subtracting from it in a clever way. This look brings new potential to the light and feminine looks of spring.


Bold Graphic Prints—Sprung from Missoni for Target hype of 2011?:

Expect to see big, bold patterns hit shelves this spring! This is possibly a result of the huge success Missoni saw when it released its limited edition line in Target stores this past September. An array of vintage and modern patterns was seen on Fashion Week runways so expect this trend to be very popular come springtime!


“Spanish Invasion” goes masculine for Mischino and Pucci with more feminine touches for Missoni:

From patterns to cuts and styles, the runways showcased numerous Spanish styles across Europe during Fashion Week. With bright indigoes and reds mixed with neutrals these looks bring Spanish classic styles to the world.

Sporty Chic look brings back every day athletic inspirations:

These comfortable and laid-back styles cross over into formal wear and even office attire. Inspired by athletic cuts, colors, and styling, the sporty chic look adorned the runways of Lacoste, Vera Wang, and Victoria Beckham.

Metallics Make you Shine:

Coming off of the sequins and sparkle from Winter 2011’s trends is the addition of metallic styles brings new light to fashions emerging this spring. DKNY, J.Crew, Nicole Miller, and Zac Posen brought in metallic materials of brilliant colors. Others, like Prabal Gurung, went to the extreme with their metallic designs, emphasizing super shiny materials in bright colors.



Printed Jumpsuits Plus Bold Patterns Equals Spring’s More Daring Trend:

For those who are willing to try this trend, printed jumpsuits made appearances on runways from Diane von Furstenberg to L.A.M.B. They made their initial leap in NY Fashion week this year in both electric colors and feminine florals. This fashion pops when paired with the right accessories, but is only for those who daring enough to try the new trend!

Marketing Women’s Soccer

Alex Morgan, US Women’s National Team

Player, posing for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

Some of us spent the summer of 2011 glued to our TV’s engulfed in the Women’s World Cup that took place in Germany. Others of us had no idea the game was even being played and that the US Women’s team was proving themselves and earning a spot in the finals. I had heard of companies taking mid-day breaks to watch the men’s world cup in 2010, but why not for the women? Many men believe that women’s soccer is subpar, at a lower level, not as exciting and not worthy of their attention. Am I the only girl in America who is irritated by this kind of attitude? This kind of attitude is extremely frustrating for me as a feminist, lover of soccer, and as a passionate supporter of the women’s game. It seems as if the Women’s game in America is facing a huge marketing crisis, because anyone who actually watched just one of the women’s games this summer would have seen how skilled and talented the girls are, and how worthy they are of our attention. Growing up playing soccer, I looked up to the women on the national soccer team and not just because they were such great players. As a young girl, having role models who were hardworking, team oriented, physically fit, and pioneers in their field was remarkable.  I can’t believe that 12 years after the 1999 women’s world cup team won Gold that the movement is still struggling for momentum.

How can the women market themselves and their sport to attract more viewers and more support? Out of the world cup a few stars emerged, notably Hope Solo the US goalkeeper, Abby Wambach the number one US goal scorer, and Alex Morgan US forward, dynamite player and the youngest player on the team. These girls hit the press junket, making appearances on late night talk shows, daytime television shows, and at red carpet premieres. These three girls signed an endorsement deal with Bank of America. Hope Solo was featured on the most recent season of Dancing with Stars and even managed to make it to the final round. Alex Morgan was selected to pose in body paint for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition which hit the stands February 14, 2012.

Some might question the validity of Morgan’s choice to pose in a swimsuit. I for one think it’s great that Morgan is bringing attention to the sport and providing a model to young girls. Morgan was given the honor of being in the magazine not for being a pretty face but for being established in her sport as one of the best in the world. Morgan demonstrates that being athletic and working hard can be just as beautiful and sexy as a stick thin model. I think it’s great that Morgan is using the opportunities she is given to put women’s soccer on the map. What is most important for me is that even when Morgan, Solo, and Abby are getting recognition for their attributes off the soccer field, they always bring it back to their passion which is soccer. For these girls, the goal isn’t to be a famous celebrity but rather to be athletes respected for their skills. If it takes Morgan’s pretty face to get a hesitant male to watch her sport then so be it, because I am confident that their skill level will keep people coming back for more. I don’t think female soccer players will ever make as much money as the men or will ever draw as much attention as the men do, but slowly with the help of all stars like Morgan, Solo, and Wambach; they will start to get the recognition they so deserve.

-Ariel Bernstein

Google Boost, The Next Generation For Local Businesses?

This week, Google launched a new beta advertising platform named Google Boost.  What this platform does is allow local businesses to advertise on Google Maps and Google Search and then the businesses’ advertisements are represented based upon the location of whoever initiates a search.  This new platform is now in Beta form and has launched in San Francisco, Houston and Chicago.

“Well wait, how is this any different from before?  Didn’t Google already offer this service?”.  Well, not really.

Prior to Google Boost, businesses could register their business name. etc. and be represented upon via Google search.  If a business choose, they could use Google Adwords for the business to be appeared in the Sponsored Links section.

Now however, businesses can register their business with Google Boost which allows their business to appear on the top on the search results or places tab with a corresponding blue places tab.  Not sure, what I mean?  Look below.


So what does this mean?  What this means is that businesses locally may be able to take advantage of this new tool by promoting their business on the basis of convenience.  Think about all the times you typed “flowers” or “Thai Food” and looked through local listings for one that was 1. decently rated and 2. close to your locaton.  Businesses using Boost can capitalize on these sales.  Also, with the rising market of smartphones, more and more people are searching on the move.  Again, convenience is the key.

It will be interesting to see how Google Boost is used by local businesses in the future.  Will the tool become a hit?  Or perhaps a secret success that only a few businesses are taking advatage of?  I suppose only time will tell.

-Dennis Brosnan III

Social Media as an Enabler to Viral Marketing

Viral marketing has evolved from word of mouth, or rumors from the cave man long ago.  Viral marketing creats a interest around your product or idea but requires lossing complete control of the message.  With new social media tools marketing companies can dramatically change the way that they disberse this message.  Many companies are relying on social media to spread these messages.

Getting the attention of many is easier said than done, so how do people successfully create Viral Marketing?

Here are some thoughts about creating great content from the Executive Director of the CA Milk Processor Board, Steve James:

1. Need to create outsanding content. (entertaining and genuince)

2. Find your audience or clients

3. Chose the correct sites or outlets to capture this audence’s attention (Using analytics)

4. Using these analytics see if people are engaged by your content or if you need to start again.

(Read more about what he had to say)

Fashion Marketing

How do the clothes reach the public and the target consumers after they are designed and fabricated? That is where the Fashion Marketing team comes in. Fashion Marketing combines the elements of advertising, design and business administration, as well as a solid understanding of the fashion world, in order to take a new clothing line and get it the attention it needs to be successful.

Who would be more interested in a red A-line skirt with blue embroidery: a new mother or a 15 year-old girl? These are the questions a good Fashion Marketer must be prepared to ask and answer when working with a new clothing line. Fashion Marketers have a good sense of popular culture and on what will be stylish in the future. In a sense, they are the visionaries of the field who not only recognize what will be successful and which consumer group will be the most interested, but know how to market the clothes to these target groups.

Most of Fashion Marketing is behind-the-scenes: keeping abreast of fashion trends and consumer buying habits; putting together advertising campaigns that target specific consumer groups and appeal to their tastes; being mindful of the broader picture of the fashion world and what new style innovations are being introduced into the field. Fashion Marketers are the savvy idea people, the connectors between the designers and their public.

To Bottle or Not to Bottle

This week I couldn’t help but notice the story of bottle water.  Now although it is extreme it has a good point to it.  After reading about the story of bottled water I couldn’t help but wonder two things.

1.       Wow who were those marketers who created the demand for bottled water that was not needed?

2.       Look how effective this campaign is in convincing people that you do not need bottled water.  After hearing about how my plastic bottle might be “recycled” by being shipped to another country I am thinking twice about ever purchasing another bottle of water.

Marketing can be a wondrous thing, and hopefully this campaign will continue to convince people that tap water is sometimes better than bottled (cleaner and better for you) and will allow the planet to get a little greener.

Walmart, a jolly Green giant?

When I think of Walmart, low prices comes to mind, but not saving the planet. According to an article in the New York Times titled, Walmart Unveils Plan to Make Supply Chain Greener, Walmart is using its power and influence to make the supply chain more “green” by forcing all the players to reexamine they way they do business. The article states “Essentially, suppliers are being asked to examine the carbon lifecycle of their products, from the raw materials used in manufacturing all the way through to the recycling phase.”

As unethical practices emerge, for example greenwashing, it becomes even more important for organizations to not only claim that they are “green,” but actually walk the talk. This is certainly a step in the right direction, but will this help change Walmart’s image? What do you think?

E3 of 2009 is coming!

E3, the biggest event of the game industry will be held from June 2nd to 4th in LA Convention Center. 

What is E3? I think every hardcore game player should know the answer. E3 stands for Electronics Entertainment Expo. The show happens once a year and is where most, if not all, companies that are involved in the interactive industry display their products.

Tagline for the E3: ‘One Time. One Place. One Event. ‘ ‘Your Gaming Future Revealed’

The game event is very important for the game players, for the reason that they will get the idea what game is worth waiting for the next year and what new gadgets will be worth saving money for. For the companies, this is the most important MARKETING event every year. E3 will get a huge media coverage. Also, the event will generate lots of buzz. Traditional, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will showoff their success for the last year. At the same time, they will make some promises to the players.

Let’s follow the E3 closely and see how the game companies do marketing.

Where Will Amazing Happen This Year?

The NBA has launched their new ‘Amazing’ campaign!  This series includes All Stars such as ‘Bron, Kobe, and DWade, and also Hall-of-Famers like Bird, Magic, and Dr. J.  Check it out… Playoffs start April 18th.