War Dances by Sherman Alexie

War Dances is Sherman Alexie’s latest book of short stories, with some poems thrown in between the stories. I enjoyed it, just as I’ve enjoyed his other work, but this collection was a little uneven – some stories were much more entertaining or powerful than others. My favorite turned out to be the last story, “Salt,” about a young newspaper intern who must write an obituary for the paper’s obituary editor.

Sherman Alexie is a confrontational writer. He’s not afraid to express strong opinions through his characters – to dare you to argue with him. I happen to like that in a writer – and if you do too, you should read this book. Overall, the stories in War Dances are bright, contemporary, and bold – and definitely worth checking out.

— Review by Liz Galoozis, Reference Librarian/Coordinator of User Education

Check It Out

Check to see whether the library’s copy of War Dances is on the shelf.  We also have other works by author Sherman Alexie, including the movie adaptation of his book Smoke Signals.

Learn More

Visit Sherman Alexie’s website or watch his interview earlier this month on the Colbert Report to learn more about the author.

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